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Mosquito Squad Service in Sacramento, CA

Mosquito Squad of Diablo & Napa Valley is proud to offer service to residents and businesses of the greater Sacramento area. We have an abundance of existing satisfied customers in the Sacramento region ranging from residential homes on lots smaller than a ¼ acre to large commercial farms exceeding 100s of acres. Most of our customers in the Sacramento region enjoy annual protection from mosquitoes through our Mosquito Barrier Spray Subscription or with one of our Custom Misting Systems. Contact us to find out more about how our customers enjoy unrestricted enhanced outdoor living and what we can do for you.

Pest Mosquitoes of the Sacramento Valley Region

The diverse geography and landscapes of the Sacramento Valley produce large pest populations of mosquitoes that aggressively feed on humans. These mosquitoes can ruin the enjoyment of outdoor living areas, cause uncomfortable bites, drive away customers, and transmit disease. It is important to take action and to be proactive in the fight against harmful mosquitoes. If you are outside of a Mosquito Squad protected area try to where clothing that covers your skin, apply bug repellent to any exposed areas, and avoid going outside at dusk, dawn, and in the evening.

Many mosquito species are major pests to humans in the Sacramento valley, some of which are related to the prosperous rice farms that surround the area.

Anopheles freeborni is a notoriously aggressive mosquito with very large populations existing in the rice producing regions of the Sacramento Valley. This mosquito species is also a significant vector of Malaria, a less used common name for the mosquito is “the western malaria mosquito,” however, Malaria is not currently found in the US with the exception of rare cases related to international travel. These mosquitoes overwinter as adults and are the biters who come out during warm days in January and February for a blood meal. Our annual subscribers enjoy complimentary off-season treatment upon request for situations just as this.

Anopheles freeborni

There are 53 recognized mosquito species in California, excluding the two most recent invasive additions of Aedes albopictus (asian tiger mosquito) and Aedes aegypti (yellow fever mosquito). Of those species 22 are identified as significant in the fight against harmful mosquitoes. The majority of these species feed primarily at dusk, dawn, and in the evening, however, some are also aggressive day biters. Some are more abundant during different times of the year due to biological reproductive behavior and others are abundant throughout the entire season. Our mosquito barrier spray service provides continuous protection from all mosquitoes 24 hours a day throughout the entire season. Contact us and we will extend a 3 week trial offer to all new customers for $99 and we will even apply that $99 towards a full subscription price after you decide to continue.

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