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Mosquito Control in Napa, CA

Mosquito Squad of Diablo & Napa Valley is proud to provide our exclusive mosquito barrier spray and misting system services to Napa Valley and the surrounding regions. Napa’s vast open vineyards and stunning mountain walls create a wonderful environment for residents and businesses to indulge in. This ideal outdoor living setting that residents and businesses lavishly enjoy is also an ideal environment for a hungry mosquito seeking blood and place to lay eggs.

Mosquito Barrier Spray Subscription and Misting System Service in Napa, CA

Our residential customers in Napa Valley enjoy unrestricted enhanced outdoor living year round and our commercial customers relish in their full patios and booked schedules. Our strong client base in the Napa region exemplifies our dedication to providing the highest quality service and most effective results. Our customers range from smaller ½ acre or less properties to large vineyard estates, wineries and event venues that exceed 100s of acres. Our misting system customers receive the added protection from black flies and the swarms of fruit flies that come with the harvest season. Contact us today see why we are loved in Napa!

Wedding and Special Event Barrier Spray Service in Napa, CA

For the same reason that people love to enjoy living outdoors in Napa brides and grooms, event coordinators, fundraisers, party enthusiasts, or backyard party connoisseurs enjoy outdoor weddings and events among the beauty found throughout the vineyard rich valley. Mosquitoes can be a disastrous uninvited guest, yes, even worse than an uninvited ex. If your outdoor wedding or event venue is not Mosquito Squad protected then our special event barrier spray service is the best option to keep your special day mosquito free. Ask your outdoor wedding venue or event coordinator if there will be Mosquito Squad protection or contact us to find out if your venue is protected. Our special event service appointments availability becomes very limited in the spring and fall, be sure to book your special event service well in advance. Simply let your wedding or event coordinator know that you want Mosquito Squad protection or contact us to schedule an appointment.

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