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Mosquito Control in the Greater Los Angeles area

Mosquito Squad of Diablo & Napa Valley mosquito control services is now available to all residential and commercial customers in the greater Los Angeles area for the 2016 season. We have provided our mosquito control services in the Los Angeles area since 2013 to large commercial and special event customers. High demand, increased precipitation, increased average temperature and the introduction of new invasive mosquito species has prompted us to fully expand to the L.A area. However, In order to maintain our elite standards we are limiting our routes for the 2016 season during our expansion process. To ensure a spot as a subscriber contact us immediately as routes are filling up quickly.

Mosquito Control in greater Los Angeles

Our Mosquito Squad Barrier Spray Subscribers enjoy endless mosquito free outdoor living year round. Our service technicians apply our mosquito barrier to natural areas around homes and outdoor living spaces. Mosquitoes that try to cross the barrier are eliminated before they can bite and the barrier lasts for 21 days. As a subscriber your property will be serviced every 21 days throughout the mosquito season (March-October) at one low affordable price that covers the entire season and access to off-season coverage by request. Our customers receive a schedule at the beginning of the season and a reminder email of their upcoming service date 24 hours prior to the scheduled service. Our customer service team is always available for our customers should they need a complimentary boost spray between services, need to adjust their service schedule, or have any requests. All of our services are always backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Take back your outdoor living space and begin enjoying the warm ideal outdoor living that defines the southern California lifestyle.

Mosquito Misting Systems in greater Los Angeles

Residential and Commercial Mosquito Squad customers who choose to install one of our exclusive custom misting systems enjoy the most effective mosquito and fly control. We design, install, and maintain misting systems. Through an elegant and science based design process our expert team designs misting systems that maximize control and blend in with the environment. We typically install tankless systems that are hidden away from site and require no additional modifications. The units are engineered to be convenient and effective requiring only a water source and standard electrical outlet. We are exclusive retailers of the tankless misting systems manufactured by the premier misting system brand, MistAway. Contact us to schedule a design consultation and see if a misting system is right for you.

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